Website Support Plans

Options for the ongoing maintenance and support for your website

Because every client’s needs can be different, I offer tailored Support Plans.

Below are the options that are available. Simply choose which options you would like included in your support plan.

Complete Website Support

Cost: £199/year

Get WordPress software updates, website backups and technical support for an annual subscription price of £199 per year. This is a saving of £36 compared to buying the included options individually.

For full details, and terms, please refer to the support plan options shown below.

WordPress software updates

Cost: £95/year

This facility ensures that the software that your website is running on is kept up-to-date with all the latest security patches, bug fixes and new features.

If you don’t keep your website software up-to-date then you could be leaving your site vulnerable to malicious hackers and malware. And the longer you leave it the worse the risk becomes.

It’s a sad fact that websites come under regular attacks. I have seen the damage that can be done and the recovery costs involved can be substantial. So I encourage all my clients to be proactive about their site software and take measures to protect the initial investment in their website.

Minor updates to the core WordPress software will happen automatically as they are released.
Major updates to the core WordPress software will be applied monthly.
Minor updates to plugins will happen automatically as they are released.
Major updates to plugins will be applied monthly.
Other scripts and libraries will be updated monthly.

The fee covers one website only (ie, a single domain name).

Note that some hosting providers do not allow automatic updates. Where this is the case then updates will be applied manually once a month.

The yearly fee excludes the cost of updating commercial plugins that carry a license fee of their own.

Major WordPress updates may affect plugins adversely. This can stop some plugins working. This is very rare, but if this happens and no update is available for the plugin then you will be notified of the issue. I am not responsible for third-party plugins, so compatibility issues must be addressed by the original plugin author.

Website backups

Cost: £45/year

This facility ensures that your website database and files are backed up on a regular basis. This is a safeguard measure against the possibility of disaster and losing your website.

Backups are automated and stored on a different server to where your website is hosted. This is important because if you are backing up to the same server that your website is hosted on then what happens if your server completely fails or your hosting company goes out of business? You could lose your website and not be able to recover it. Having off-site backups gives you a measure of protection against such eventualities and means you will always have the reassurance that should the worst happen then your website can be restored.

Storage costs are included in the price subject to my terms of service.

Your site database is backed up daily. This is the most critical part of your website as it holds all of your website content and settings.

Website files are backed up weekly.

The fee covers one website only (ie, a single domain name).

In the event that your website consumes more storage space than I consider is fair and reasonable then I reserve the right to raise the subscription fee (to cover my extra costs) or cancel the service.

Website technical support

Cost: £95/year

The technical support facility provides you with priority access to a developer for the speedy resolution of any issues that might occur in relation to the operation or functionality of your website after it has gone live.

It covers: resolving problems with the operation of your website (such as pages not appearing, forms not working), resolving problems with the functionality of your website (ie, bugs discovered in parts of your website), and answering your technical questions.

It does not cover updating your website software or making backups (please see the wordpress software updates option above).

It also does not cover issues with your Hosting account – if you refer an issue which turns out to be a Hosting issue then I will instruct you to contact your Hosting provider for a resolution.

Changes to your website are also not covered under this contract, such as building new functionality or adding content. Where such requests are made I will provide you with a quote for the work and delivery will be subject to my schedule at that current time.

The fee covers one website only (ie, a single domain name).

Response times will depend to some degree on what the request is, but in relation to critical technical issues that might be affecting the operation, or visibility, of the website I aim to respond within 24 hours where possible.

For less critical items then I aim to respond within 3 working days. Please note that I cannot ‘guarantee’ turn-around times but if you have a support contract then you can be assured that you will receive my best possible service.

Website content updates

Cost: number of hours x £30

This facility provides you with access to a developer for making minor amends, or updates, to your website.

This would cover things such as updating your News or Blog (you would still need to supply the text and images) or other page content.

It would also cover minor changes to your website layout, navigation menus and styling should the need arise.

Having this facility means that your staff would have less need to get involved with the actual business of updating your website. You would simply provide me with the new content and I would take care of publishing it on your behalf.

You would simply buy a ‘pot’ of time from me and all content updates carried out for you would be deducted from this pot. When your pot runs out then you can simply buy more time to top it back up again.

For turn-around times on content updates I will endeavour to be as flexible as possible. If updates are time critical then I will always do my utmost to get them published by the required date. For less time critical updates then you can generally expect them to be carried out within 5 working days. Please note that I cannot ‘guarantee’ turn-around times but if you have a support contract then you can be assured that you will receive my best possible service.

Information about your content updates contract, and the amount of time remaining on it, will be shown on your WordPress dashboard.

I always endeavour to be entirely fair and open with time used by your support requests. If your request only uses 20 mins of my time then that is exactly what will be deducted from the block of time that you have purchased.

Please note that I am unable to provide refunds for time not used, but the time you have purchased can rollover from one year to the next.

Will you still provide support if I don’t take out a support contract ?

Yes. However, response times could be a lot longer than for those people who have taken out a technical support contract. You will also pay my full hourly rate rather than the reduced rate that the support contracts are priced at.