WordPress Software Maintenance Plan

WordPress Software Maintenance Plan with Off-site Backups

Monthly updates to your website software and plugins
Automated daily backup of your website database to an off-site server
Automated weekly backup of your essential website files to an off-site server
Bi-annual manual backup of your server files in full to an off-site server
Disaster recovery
Cost: £130/year

WordPress Software Maintenance Plan (without backups)

Monthly updates to your website software and plugins
Cost: £95/year

Who is the software maintenance plan for?

Anyone who has a website that is built on the WordPress content management software.

Why would I need a software maintenance plan?

Having a maintenance plan ensures that the software that your site is running on is kept up-to-date with all the latest security patches, bug fixes and new features.

What could happen if I don’t have a software maintenance plan?

If you don’t keep your website software up-to-date then you could be leaving your site vulnerable to malicious hackers and malware. And the longer you leave it the worse the risk becomes.

It’s a sad fact that websites come under regular attacks. I have seen the damage that can be done and the recovery costs involved can be substantial. So I encourage all my clients to be proactive about their site software and take measures to protect the initial investment in their website.

What about backups?

In addition to maintaining your site software I also advise people to make regular off-site backups of their website files and databases.

To this end I provide an off-site backup feature as an option with the maintenance plan.

Why ‘off-site’ backups?

If you are backing up to the same server that your website is hosted on then what happens if your server completely fails or your hosting company goes out of business? You could lose your website and not be able to recover it. Having off-site backups gives you a measure of protection against such eventualities and means you will always have the reassurance that should the worst happen then your website can be restored.

How do the backups work?

Backups are largely automated via the Updraft Plus Premium plugin (the cost of which is included for as long as you maintain your subscription).

Your site database (which contains all your site content and settings) is the most important thing to backup regularly and this will be backed up daily. Your website theme, media files and plugin files will be backed up up weekly. And finally I will also do a full manual backup twice a year for extra peace-of-mind.

Storage costs on my off-site server are included in the subscription fee.


Terms & Conditions

Price is per website. All fees payable in advance. Yearly subscription.

NB. Some hosting services may not be suitable for these maintenance plans. In the event that your hosting service is not compatible then you will be refunded the cost of the plan in full.

Core software updates

Major updates will be installed manually soon after they are released.

Minor updates will normally be installed automatically via the WordPress auto-update feature, however some hosting services don’t support this so the updates may have to be installed manually.

Major WordPress updates may affect plugins adversely. This can stop some plugins working. This is very rare, but if this happens and no update is available for the plugin then you will be notified of the issue. I am not responsible for third-party plugins, so compatibility issues must be addressed by the original plugin author.

In the event that a software update causes problems with the site functionality, and you need remedial work to be carried out to correct an issue, then this work will be costed separately. It is not included in the cost of the plan.

Plugin updates

If your website uses commercial plugins then you are responsible for any additional costs that may apply to obtaining updates to those plugins.

Disaster recovery

In the event that your Hosting company cannot recover your site in the event of a disaster then you will be able to use my disaster recovery service.

Disaster recovery is available if your website has been damaged beyond normal recovery, or lost as a result of your hosting provider going out of business or having catastrophic server failure.


Subscription costs are based on fair use of my storage facilities. In the event that your website consumes more storage space than I consider is fair and reasonable then I reserve the right to raise the subscription fee (to cover my extra costs) or cancel the service.


Should you cancel your subscription then no refund will be made.
Should I cancel the service for any reason then an amount equivalent to the proportion of your remaining subscription time will be refunded to you.