WordPress Software Maintenance Plan

Who is the maintenance plan for?

Anyone who has a website that is built on the WordPress content management software.

Why would I need a maintenance plan?

To ensure that the software that your site is running on is kept up-to-date with all the latest security patches, bug fixes and new features. And ensure that you have recent offline backups in case the worst happens.

It’s a sad fact that websites come under regular attacks. I have seen the damage that can be done and the recovery costs involved can be substantial. So I encourage all my clients to be pro-active about their site security and take measures to protect the initial investment in their website.

What’s included in the maintenance plan?

I have several different plans available to suit different budgets and types of website.

Level 1Level 2Level 3
Installation of updates to the core WordPress softwareYesYesYes
Installation of updates to plugins used on the siteQuarterlyMonthlyWeekly
Offline file backupsQuarterlyMonthlyWeekly
Offline database backupsMonthlyWeeklyDaily
Disaster recoveryYesYesYes
per year
per year
per year

Which plan is most suitable for me?

Level 1 is ideal for small business and marketing type websites that don’t change often.
Level 2 is best for larger business sites that change often.
Level 3 is for sites that collect data, or make sales, every day. Such as ecommerce websites.

Terms & Conditions

Price is per website. All fees payable in advance. Yearly subscription.

NB. Some hosting services may not be suitable for these maintenance plans. Please check with me first to assess your hosting arrangements.

Core software updates
Major updates will be installed manually soon after they are released.
Minor updates will normally be installed automatically via the WordPress auto-update feature, however some hosting services don’t support this so the updates may have to be installed manually.

Major WordPress updates may affect plugins adversely. This can stop some plugins working. This is very rare, but if this happens and no update is available for the plugin then you will be notified of the issue. I am not responsible for third-party plugins, so compatibility issues must be addressed by the original plugin author.

In the event that a software update causes problems with the site functionality, and you need remedial work to be carried out to correct an issue, then this work will be costed separately. It is not included in the cost of the plan.

Plugin updates
If your website uses commercial plugins then you are responsible for any costs that may apply to obtaining updates to those plugins.

If critical security updates are released for a plugin then I may opt to install this immediately regardless of your current plan level.

Offline backups
The most recent three backups are retained and stored offline for you.

Disaster recovery
The cost of restoring your website to the last valid backups is included. Disaster recovery is available if your website has been damaged beyond recovery, or lost as a result of your hosting provider going out of business or having catastrophic server failure.

Server access
FTP and Control Panel access to your hosting account will be required.