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  • 10th February 2017 | Blog
    The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance has just re-launched it’s branding, and as part of this exercise I was delighted to help out with the ... read more
  • 5th December 2016 | Blog
    Last week I wrapped up work on a revamp of the smartdriverclub website, a site that is a promotional tool for the Smartplug™ tool that plugs into your car, ... read more
  • 22nd September 2016 | Blog
    This month I have completed the build of a new website for Ashley House, a provider of health and community care property solutions. The new design, ... read more
  • 25th May 2016 | Blog
    I have just posted up some revisions to my WordPress software maintenance plans. There are now three levels of plan available to suit different sizes and ... read more
  • 8th April 2016 | Blog
    The month of March was another busy one, and culminated in the launch of the new Central Convenience Store website. The goals of this website were mainly ... read more
  • 5th March 2016 | Blog
    The road to a successful website launch can sometimes be long. When I’m building sites, delays and changes are always challenges that I have to ... read more
  • 21st February 2016 | Blog
    The start of 2016 has been very busy with new website development work. The first of those sites to be completed is the Rainy Days Insurance website. This ... read more
  • 17th December 2015 | Blog
    I receive many enquiries every week for potential work, but don’t take on everything that lands on my desk. Deciding what I quote for, and what I ... read more
  • 12th October 2015 | Blog
    With the release of Windows 10 and a new Microsoft browser (Edge) I think the the time is right now to drop support for the antiquated IE8 for all new ... read more
  • 12th October 2015 | Wordpress
    When you have a page nested within a section of your WordPress site, you sometimes need to know what the ID is of the top most ancestor for that page. This ... read more